Solutions And Selection Criteria


Medical Hospitality Morocco is an online platform that brings together qualified doctors and renowned ultra-modern clinics accepting foreign patients.
The major advantage of registering and using our platform is the solution we provide to the two main problems that physicians and clinics inevitably face:

  • Need to expand business and increase sales;
  • Need to automate business processes;
How to Become a Partner


Every day, more and more medical centers are entering the medical tourism market, resulting in fierce competition in terms of price, quality of service and processing times. Thanks to our platform, all patients get direct access to dozens of clinics in Morocco and receive answers to their requests from
partner clinics / doctors. The better patients know you, the more likely they are to choose you for their care.


We understand that the commercial service has always been a weak point in Moroccan healthcare. Today, hospitals are realizing that a change is needed to be competitive in the global medical tourism market. This is how we offer your services to patients through excellent communication skills. Our goal is to help you get more treatment requests by attracting more foreign patients quickly.


  • Carry out your activity in Morocco
  • Be certified
  • Possess strong medical specialties with exceptional results
  • Offer a high level of quality of care and services provided
  • To be a pioneer in the medical field and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Have modern infrastructure
  • Guarantee impeccable hygiene and bilingual staff
  • Provide complete and transparent information on the procedures for the intervention, the duration of treatment, the type of anesthesia, the materials used, and the post-operative consequences, the prices applied, the guarantees offered, etc.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of all personal and medical data.
  • Comply with international safety and health rules and standards


Trust in verified professionals Our independence allows us to act and freely choose our specialist surgeon partners adapted to the patient’s needs.


Trust our support We support you throughout the process and stay in constant contact with you. Your success is ours.



Trust our experience We actively welcome foreign patients of all ages, men and women, looking for a life-changing journey.