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Dental restoration is not as difficult as it has been for several years. In addition to natural results and low costs, we add the irreproachable expertise of our specialist partners. There are many options for dental restoration, and the decision depends on many factors, including physical factors, the condition of your teeth and your overall health.

The most important procedures in dental restoration are dental fillings, intended to repair damaged teeth following the gradual erosion of the outer layers of the teeth: enamel, ivory and mortar and gum treatment which aims to disinfect the gums and the roots of the teeth to allow them to re-adhere together.


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Dentisterie esthétique au Maroc
Implant dentaire à Marrakech

Dental implants

Depending on the type of implants you receive and the preparatory treatments you need (such as extractions, bone grafting, or sinus lift), you will need to make two or three visits for your implants. Your dentist will explain your treatment plan in more detail based on your individual needs.

Orthodontie invisible à Marrakech

Invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is the installation of a discreet appliance used to correct tooth alignment and bite-related problems (including underbite, overbite, etc.). This appliance straightens the teeth by exerting constant pressure on them. It is a revolutionary technique that differs from traditional orthodontics.

Smile design

A concept that allows you to have a personalized smile and correct all dental problems. Its realization includes taking digital impressions and photos and a presentation of a digital simulation (cutting-edge technology) that will allow you to visualize your future smile from a very large and very clear photo of the smile before starting the necessary care.

Dental veneers

It is the right solution to remedy your teeth that have yellowed over time or because of coffee or tobacco, especially if the teeth have a very pronounced staining. The veneers also make it possible to correct slight malpositions of the teeth and to sublimate the teeth: shape, color… in a short time without pain.

Dental laser

More and more dental professionals are using lasers to perform various dental procedures, most of them related to the gums: Depigmentation of the gums, treatment of gum disease and inflammation, biopsies, tooth whitening, dental treatments dental caries, removal of oral tumors…

Tooth crown

It is the effective solution to solidify, protect and beautify damaged teeth. Crowns look like natural teeth and can last a lifetime thanks to their highly aesthetic result and their contribution to restoring tooth function. There are three popular types of dental crowns: All-Metal Crown, All-Ceramic Crown, and Composite Resin Crown.


Sourire gingival au MarocTraitement sourire gingival au Maroc
Traitement de l'édentation dentaire au MarocTraitement sourire dentaire à Marrakech
Avant le blanchiment dentaire au MarocAprès le blanchiment dentaire au Maroc
Laser dentaire au MarocTraitement par le laser dentaire au Maroc
Détartrage dentaire au MarocDétartrage dentaire à Marrakech
Avant correction dentaire au MarocAprès correction dentaire au Maroc
Facette dentaire au MarocFacettes dentaires au Maroc
Dent cassée au MarocRéparation dent cassée au Maroc
Dent absente au MarocRéparation dent absente au Maroc